History-making duo aiming for glory in Tokyo as badminton makes Paralympics debut

Jack Shephard and Dan Bethell will become the first players to represent their country at a Paralympic Games this summer, having been selected by Team GB for the upcoming showpiece in Tokyo, taking place from August 24 to September 5. Shephard, who hails from Chesterfield, enters the SH6 category tournament as reigning world champion andContinue reading “History-making duo aiming for glory in Tokyo as badminton makes Paralympics debut”

The self-implosion consigned to history: Remembering 2013-14 — when Chelsea, not Liverpool, blew the title

The Blues headed to Villa Park on March 15 as league leaders. Then, with just nine league games to play and only the business end of the Champions League to cast eyes on elsewhere, Chelsea imploded.

An episode that reminded fans of modern football’s lamentable reality: online interaction & corporate identity are prioritised over common decency

It has become an inbuilt obsession for football organizations to maintain a global image and record high numbers of fan engagement on social media.